How to make a spider man costume?

Spider Man is a marvel comic character that continues to get a heroes attention. This year if you have decided not to purchase a Halloween costume you might want to consider the steps below for how to make your own. Since Spider Man is a hot character we figure you probably will need this costume at least once.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black material

* White material

* Silly string

* Black shoes


Spider man has two costumes that the movies have brought out. In the last movie spider man’s costume turned black from the pain and rage he was feeling in his heart. So we thought instead of the typical blue and red costume you might want to be a little different than your fellow Spider man’s.

Step 1: You will need black material for sewing the costume or you can choose a black sweat suit. If you have a sweat suit you can die at home or have a black one already this will save you a little money if the budget is tight. The outfit you make or use should be tight. Normally it is a skin tight outfit. You will also need a black mask. The mask can be made at home or be a ski mask you have hanging around.

Step 2: The white material will be for creating the spider that will be on the front of the costume. You can use it to also create a spider web if that is your preference. The white material can also close off the eyes a little bit to give them a scarier look.

Step 3: This is the final step. The silly string mentioned above will act as your webbing. You can either have small cans in both sleeves or just use it as a side piece. It depends on the can size you can find. Don’t forget that you need black shoes to complete the outfit.

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