How to Make a Speed Racer Costume

Costume making can be a lot of fun when you do not want to purchase the Halloween costume this year. Speed Racer is a Japanese cartoon from the 1960 ‘s that is seeing a revival with the new movie launched this year. Many children and even adults might be interested in a costume from this movie, which is why we provide the how to instructions below. We have chosen the racing costume rather than some of the other options.

##Things You Will Need##

* – Body suit or track suit

* – Ball Cap

* – Speed Racer Logo

* – Computer


Step 1: The speed racer costume is one of the simpler costumes to make. There are couple of options open to you in the material you use. You can try to find an authentic car racing suit from a second hand store or you can make one. A track suit from an old high school track team might be just the ticket. The material while not thick as a racing suit does have the appearance of racing suit once modifications are made. To make the suit worthy you might have to nip and tuck to make it form fitting. The arms and shoulders are traditionally a different color than the rest of the suit. Speed Racer had a white with blue suit.

Step 2: Next the logo from Speed Racer should be applied to the suit. In Nascar the suits also have sponsor logos, which you can add by printing off patterns from the computer. These can be sticker emblems or hand sewn items, whatever works best for you.

Step 3: Speed Racer is not complete without a matching ball cap for the costume. The cap should have the speed racer logo as well as the matching suit colors. The shoes will also need to match the suit.

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