How to make a Southern Belle Costume

Southern Belles were around during the early 1800’s on the plantation houses. Their dresses where elaborately styled with large hats and parasols. A great movie to watch for ideas regarding your Southern Belle costume would be Gone with the Wind. There are plenty of costumes in there to fit in the Southern Belle image.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Elegant Gown

* Petticoats

* Slipper style shoes

* Parasol


Step 1: The dress is the most elaborate part of the costume. You can purchase vintage dresses, material and patterns, or try to find a gown in a department store. The gown will need to be tight at the waist and upper torso. Most of the Southern Belle gowns have an off the shoulder sleeve with a gentle v-neck to display the attributes. From the waist down is a bell type skirt. It will be rounded with petticoats to help give it stiffness. The dress can have several layers with bows if you wish or it can be a plain skirt. The skirt of the dress must reach the tops of the shoes to hide the ankles.

Step 2: The shoes will need to be slipper style. Something you would typically see from the era of plantation houses. The shoes typically didn’t have heals, unless they were wearing the boots.

Step 3: This is the last step in creating a Southern Belle. The parasol must be a rounded affair to cover the shoulders and face. Southern Belle’s had creamy skin because they didn’t let the sun touch it. You also need to add white gloves to the elbows. The less skin showing the more the Southern Belle costume will be authentic.

By following these steps and finding the materials you need you can be the perfect Southern Belle for your next costume party.

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