How to make a South Park costume

South Park has been an extremely popular show since it began. While not everyone is a fan they do have some wonderful costume ideas. You have Cartman, Satan, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Chef, and many other characters to base your costume on. Depending on the south park figure you choose you may need different materials that what has been listed below. Most of the south park costumes will be winter costumes so that makes it easier.

##Materials you will need:##

* Winter coat

* Winter hat

* Gloves

* Pants

* Shoes


Step 1: You can wear anything underneath the coat you choose for your south park costume. It is the coat that will be seen by your friends and other party goers. The coat can be any winter jacket from a ski jacket to a down jacket. The color jacket you choose should be red or tan, but you can also have brown or other colors depending on the character of your choice.

Step 2: The pants should be loose fitting jeans, dress pants, or even corduroy. The color again depends on the south park character you choose. For Kyle and Stan blue pants are warranted. Cartman is often in brown or black pants, with Kenny in a tan color.

Step 3: The hat will also need to change with the character. For example Kenny wears a parka so no hat is needed. For Stan a regular knit cap in blue will work. Kyle wears a hunter’s style cap in green, so that the ears are protected.

Step 4: Gloves should be worn. The color is not as important, though the characters to tend to have specific color gloves as well. Anything you have in your closet should work.

The final piece of the costume is having the correct mask for the character in South Park. You can also use your own face if you wish, but having the mask helps you to pull of the costume.

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