How to make a Sora costume?

Sora is the prime character in Kingdom Hearts the game. If you want to be a magical fighter of the Nothings then Sora may be the costume for you to go for. We have instructions and materials listed below to help you create the costume. We know how important it can be to create your own costume rather than buying one.

##What you will need:##

* Black pants

* Red scarf

* Black Japanese style shirt

* Yellow and blue material

* Sword


Step 1: The main outfit will resemble the Anime school outfits you normally see. So the pants should be black and loose fitting. The shirt will be short or long sleeve with buttons down the front and a high collar. The sleeves and edges of the material should be white. If you can’t find the main outfit you can make it with the appropriate pattern. It will be a lot of fun to sew the costume.

Step 2: The red scarf can be used to formulate the armor. It should be used as a sash around the waist to hang down at the sides. Then from the red should be a yellow cross pattern with blue at the heart of the chest and waist.

Step 3: The last piece of the costume is the sword. The sword should be a toy found in any toy store.

You can also add black biker gloves for the hands if you wish. These are an elective piece of the costume, but they do add to the whole look. You can also add black shoulder pads for more armour, as long as they are plastic or cardboard you can form the shoulder look you need. By following these steps and mussing the hair a bit you can make the perfect Soar.

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