How to make a Snow Queen costume

A fairy tale queen from a story by Hans Christian Anderson and one of the rulers of the Kingdom of the Sweets in the Nutcracker ballet, the Snow Queen is beautiful and delicate. You can create your own Snow Queen costume easily while still coming up with a striking, regal, and glistening look!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long white or blue gown

* White faux fur trim

* Needle and thread OR fabric glue

* Long white wig

* Tiara

* Long white gloves

* Silver shoes

* Body glitter

* Deep blue eyeshadow

* Fake silver lashes

* Blue lipstick OR Pale colored lipstick

##Putting together your Snow Queen costume##

Step 1: Raid your closet or a friend’s for a long, white or silver prom dress. You can even hit a thrift store or a formalwear store closing out prom dresses at certain seasons of the year to get one. Your dress can have sleeves or be sleeveless, whatever your preference may be. (If you’re going sleevless, I’d recommend getting a nice, faux fur wrap in white to compliment your outfit and keep you warm!)

Step 2: Head to a craft store and pick up a yard or two of white faux fur trim. You can trim the sleeves of your gown, neckline, and hemline with this to give it a snowier, more wintry feel.

Step 3: Put on some makeup! Wear some dark blue eyeshadow for a hint of mystery and put on some false lashes in silver to really make your eyes stand out. Add a shimmery cream (or body glitter) to your upper brow bone and along your cheekbones to highlight your face.

Step 4: Add some body glitter to any exposed skin like your chest, arms, and/or hands.

Step 5: Put on a pair of sparkly silver shoes and optional jewelry

Step 6: Put on a long white wig and crown yourself with a sparkling tiara. Voila! Instant Snow Queen!

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