How to make a Smurf costume

Those loveable little blue creatures, the Smurfs, are slated to make a comeback in 2011 with an animated/live-action movie. Children of the ’80s grew up with these cute, mystical critters who stood no more than 3 apples high and lived in little mushroom houses in Smurf Village deep in the woods. Check out how you can make your own Smurf costume and have a smurfy good time before everyone else hops on the bandwagon! Choose from either red or white accessories to be Papa Smurf (in red) or one of the other male Smurfs!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red knit cap OR White knit ski cap

* Cotton stuffing or batting (to give the cap its unique shape

* Red OR white sweatpants or footed jammie bottoms

* Red OR white boot covers

* Tight fitting blue longsleeved t-shirt, rashguard, or sweatshirt

* Blue cream makeup

* Blue gloves

* ACCESSORIES: White beard for Papa Smurf;

* Flower and hand mirror for Vanity Smurf,

* {Glasses for Brainy Smurf

* Fake tattoo for Brawny Smurf

##Putting together your Smurf costume##

Step 1: Pick up a white or red knit cap. Remove any pompoms from the top if you have to.

Step 2: Stuff and shape the top portion of the knit ski cap (unfolded so it’s longer) so that it curls and hovers over your forehead. You can stuff it with cotton batting and even add a hidden panel if you want to sew one in to keep everything in place. You can also get a can of Spray Mount to keep it stiff.

Step 3: Put on a pair of white or red sweatpants or footed jammie bottoms if you can find them in that color.

Step 4: Slip on a pair of red or white boot covers to match your sweatpants and look like the Smurfs’ outfits.

Step 5: Put on a blue longsleeved t-shirt and tuck it into your sweatpants.

Step 6: Purchase {blue cream makeup and paint your face and neck a solid shade of blue. You may also want to do the tops of your hands, or opt for blue gloves to match your new skin tone.

Step 7: Depending on which Smurf you want to be, add some fun details with accessories. For Papa Smurf, put on a white beard and mustache. For the poncy Vanity Smurf, add a pink flower to the top of your knit cap and carry a hand mirror, glasses for Brainy Smurf, and a handweight and fake tattoo for Brawny Smurf! You’ll look Smurf-tastic!

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