How to make a Slash costume

One of the most visibly and musically recognizable guitarists out there today, Slash is a rock legend who got his start with Guns n’ Roses. Most recently, he’s played with Velvet Revolver and played a pretty big role in the Guitar Hero game.

Creating a Slash costume is pretty easy and can be thrown together fairly quickly with everyone knowing who you are! All you need is just a little “Patience”… and the following items:

##Things you’ll need##

* Long curly black wig

* Top hat

* Black sunglasses

* cigarette

* black t-shirt

* faded black slim fit jeans

* Leather belt with cool buckle

* leather vest or denim vest

* Guitar (Les Paul replica, toy guitar, etc.)

##Putting together your Slash costume##

Step 1: Put on your long, curly black with with the top hat over it.

Step 2: Get on your gear, layering your leather or denim vest over your black t-shirt, rolling up the sleeves a bit. Put on a pair of slim-fitting, faded black jeans with a rock n’ roll styled belt with a large buckle. (Skull shaped belt buckles rule!)

Step 3: If you can find a Les Paul guitar replica, the favorite brand of Slash, then go for it! If not, pick up a toy guitar to complete your look!

Step 4: Grab a cigarette (or candy cigarette if you’re a non smoker) and dangle it from the corner of your mouth before slapping on a pair of black shades. Throw up the horns and you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

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