How to Make a Simple No sew Sweeney Todd PARTY Ms.L

* Take a SMALL Black shirt nothing on front, it can have sleeves,short sleeves or no sleeves.

* Start with cutting the sleeves off IF you have them.

* Turn the shirt inside out and with a white pencil, draw a corset shape from one side to the other.

* Cut along your line.

* You should now have a rough looking corset top.

* If you have made it to big dont worry wear a top underneath or pad your bra!

* If you have made it too small dont worry! You’re top will look even more corset like!

* Then take some red ribbon nd do a corset style ribbon detail down the front and back,Glue them on.

* Decorate by sticking bit on how you wish (lace,glitter, beads ETC)

* For a tutu go to this website it shows how to make a no sew tutu.

* Cut to a V short sticky out tutu, nd there you have it!! Miss lovett out partying xxxx!

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