How to make a Shilo from Repo!: The Genetic Opera Costume

Already a cult classic in the making, “Repo!: The Genetic Opera” is a sci-fi goth-opera odyssey with quirky characters galore and great music. The film’s main character, 17-year-old Shiloh battles a rare blood disease and corporate intrigue all while singing her heart out!

You can dress up as Shilo if you’re headed to a showing of the film, already inspiring legions of fans to do it up Rocky Horror style and dress as the characters!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Lace jabot

* White tank top

* Black cropped vest OR grey cropped jacket

* Black knee-length schoolgirl skirt

* Black bow

* Cameo necklace

* Black thigh highs OR Black fishnet thigh highs

* Black goth boots

* Wristlet

* Long black wig

* Black eyeliner

##Putting together your Shilo costume##

Step 1: Shilo’s costume combines Victorian goth with industrial punk. Pick up a white tank top and wear a ruffled white lace jabot over it.

Step 2: Pull on a short, cropped vest or cropped grey short sleeved jacket. Either of these items can easily be found in a girls’ or young womens’ clothing store.

Step 3: Add a small black bow to the neckline of your blouse/jabot and wear a cameo necklace over it.

Step 4: Put on a short or knee-length schoolgirl style skirt in black.

Step 5: Wear a pair of thigh high stockings in either plain, opaque or even fishnet. Pull on an intimidating, industrial-goth looking pair of black boots over the top of them!

Step 6: Put on a watch or wristlet for a makeshift hologram projector.

Step 7: Put on a long, black wig for jet-black, straight hair. Add some eyeliner and you’ll be ready to hide from the Repo Men!

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