How to make a Scut Farkus (from A Christmas Story) costume

Ralphie’s arch-nemesis and school bully supreme, Scut Farkus made life for Ralphie and his friends a waking nightmare when he and his toadie, Grover Dill, would torment them in “A Christmas Story.” This costume is almost as unexpected as the beating Ralphie gave ol’ Scut when he pushed him too far. Run the risk with this simple, yet fun costume idea:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Short red wig

* Coonskin cap

* Yellow contact lenses

* Liquid Tooth Cover in yellow

* Black turtleneck

* Green v-neck sweater

* Jeans

* Boots

* Bomber jacket

##Putting together your Scut Farkus costume##

Step 1: Put some liquid tooth cover in yellow over your teeth to let it dry to get Scut’s “What? Me? Dental hygeine?” look. Practice your sneer in the mirror!

Step 2: Put in a pair of yellow contacts (if you can find them). “He had yellow eyes! By God, yellow eyes!”

Step 3: Put on a red wig in a short, touseled style and plop your coonskin cap over the top of it.

Step 4: Layer a black turtleneck underneath a green v-neck sweater and put on a brown bomber jacket with a (faux) fur collar. Perfect for the trendy, ’40s schoolyard bully!

Step 5: Put on some jeans, knee boots and grab your best friend to stick around as your toadie and you’re ready to scare the Ovaltine out of the neighborhood kids passing through your alley!

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