How to make a Scientist costume?

There are plenty of scientists in the world, and they don’t all dress the same. However Hollywood has given us an appearance for a scientist that we generally take to Halloween parties. You have the mad scientist, normal scientist, and sexy scientist. Below we are describing the quintessential costume for scientists.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* White lab coat

* Pens and pencils

* Paper

* Dress slacks

* Dress shirt

* Dress shoes

* Glasses


Step 1: A scientist is always dressed in suits or skirts in the Hollywood picture. So if you find a pair of dress slacks in any color, dress shirt, and tie you will be able to create the first portion of the scientist. These items should be found in your closet.

Step 2: A lab coat is essential to having a scientist. A white lab coat can be found in almost any store even a second hand store. You should have a patch or name embroidered in the lab coat for where you work. There should also be a pocket filled with a small note pad, pens, and pencils. The lab coat can be knee length or shorter. It all depends on what you find. A couple of test tubes with colored liquid in your hands or in the pocket can also help you pull off the scientist look.

Step 3: In this final step we will be adding the rest of the costume. The shoes you wear should be comfortable, but also dress shoes. Remember a scientist usually dresses rather nicely, but can also be absentminded. The glasses should be round rimmed or small in width. The glasses should sit on the edge of the nose.

Depending on whether you want to be a geeky scientist or a sexy scientist you can add or change the items above.

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