How to make a Samara from The Ring costume

One of the creepiest kids and horror icons in scare-cinema in recent years, “The Ring”‘s Samara was a force of pure evil, thrown down a well where here demonic powers somehow reached out to affect video tape. Quite a talent! Her iconic crawl across the floor out of a television set is one of the most memorable moments in modern horror.

You can make your own simple, yet scary Samara costume this Halloween with just a few items and some imagination!

##What You’ll Need##

* Long black wig

* Black and/or brown eyeshadow

* Long, white nightgown with sleeves

* Brown cream makeup

* Small television prop (optional)

##Putting together your Samara costume##

Step 1: Purchase a longsleeved, white nightgown, or use an old one you have lying around the house. This simple dress is a staple of Samara’s wardrobe.

Step 2: Get the nightgown dirty! Take your black or brown eyeshadow powder and create some dirt-smudges on your nightgown. Concentrate some of these near the hem and edges of your sleeves where they would drag in the dirt most.

Step 3: Add some black or brown shadows beneath your eyes for a hollowed-out look.

Step 4: Put on your long, black wig. Arrange it so that it has a part down the middle and almost covers your face. Practice looking eerily up through your wig for a scary stare.

Step 5: Add smears of brown cream makeup to the tops of your feet peeking out beneath your nightgown to make it look like you crawled in the mud. You can also use it sparingly on the front of your nightgown, too.

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