How to make a Rhino the Hamster costume?

Bolt one of the popular new animated films of 2008 has several characters you might want to create costumes from. Rhino is a television obsessed hamster who gets caught up in Bolt’s delusion. If your child wants a unique, yet fun costume for a party or other holiday you might consider the materials and instructions we have below for the costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Dark brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Hamster ball


Step 1: Try to find a pattern for a hamster costume if at all possible. Chances are the pattern’s are rare and you may have to cut out the suit by yourself. If nothing else you can also use a bear costume for the main body of the hamster. You just need to get the typical shape of a rounded body with arms and legs, and a small tail.

Step 2: The main part of the costume will be created with the dark brown fabric. It is simplest to create the entire costume out of the dark fabric then go back with the tan fabric. The tan fabric is used on the belly of the hamster. It should cover the entire torso, arms, and legs in the front, with the paws still the dark brown.

Step 3: The face and head- you will need to create a hood for the ears of the hamster. You can leave your child’s face blank though. On the face you will need to use face makeup with black for the nose and whiskers.

Step 4: The last step is finding a hamster ball. Obviously your child will not be able to fit in the ball, but Rhino never left his hamster ball in the movie. For effect they can carry it around. (It is not a necessary piece).

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