How to make a Randy The Ram Robinson / The Wrestler costume

In the film, “The Wrestler,” Mickey Rourke plays a former wrestler by the name of Randy “The Ram” Robinson who is trying to adjust to his turbulent life away from the ring. He’s up for an Academy Award for Best Actor for this role, heralding a comeback for the dramatic actor. Instantly recognizable by his long, blonde mane and chisled physique, the character of The Ram lends himself to a great DIY costume perfect for a film party or an Oscar party of your own.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long blonde wig

* Brown magic marker

* Muscle chest shirt

* Fake tattoos – OPTIONAL

* Elbow pads

* Medical tape

* Black spandex pants (or jeans)

* Lime green fabric paint

* White boots – OR Combat boots spray-painted white

* Fake blood – OPTIONAL

##Putting together your Randy The Ram Robinson / The Wrestler costume##

Step 1: Pick up a long blonde wig in a long, wavy style. Lightly add some “roots” to your wig with a brown Magic Marker for a more realistic effect.

Step 2: Put on a fake muscle chest shirt to give you the ripped look of a gym rat. You can add your own fake tattoos to this shirt, too, to replicate the character’s look.

Step 3: Pick up elbow pads and a pair of black spandex pants (or biking pants) found at a sporting good store. You can doctor up the pants with lime green fabric paint to add a “ram’s head” design to both sides of your pant legs.

Step 4: Pull on your elbow pads and wrap the forearms of your muscle chest shirt with medical tape picked up from any corner store, or even wristbands you have at home. In addition to being part of the character’s look, this will also help to hide the line where your muscle chest’s sleeves end at your wrist and hands.

Step 5: Lace up a pair of boots. If you really want to go the whole nine yards, spray a pair of combat boots with white spray paint or shoe polish.

Step 6: OPTIONAL – Add some fake blood to your forehead and forearms to get the gory, ring-weary look of The Ram. Practice some wrestling moves and get ready to make your appearace!

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