How to make a Randy from “A Christmas Story” costume

In “A Christmas Story,” Randy is Ralphie’s kid brother who enjoys busting up Ralphie’s time in the bathroom and showing his mother “how the piggies eat.” Randy also is best known for being bundled up to the point where he can’t put his arms down, thanks to Mom preparing him to brave the snow in those chilly Indiana winters.

Here’s how you can put together your own Randy costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Knit cap with earflaps

* Extra long grey scarf

* Street clothes

* Red Ski Jacket or parka

* Red snow pants (Or sweatpants)

* Pair of Snow Boots or Moon Boots

* Knitted mittens

* A friend (or Mom!) to help

##Putting together your Randy from “A Christmas Story” costume##

Step 1: Put on your street clothes to wear underneath your costume. If you want to go for authenticity, rock the plaid shirt underneath a v-neck sweater like schoolboy Randy does!

Step 2: Put on a red ski jacket or parka over your costume. You won’t want to be uncomfortable and add tons of bulk so that you REALLy can’t put your arms down!

Step 3: Put on a pair of red snow pants or sweatpants over your other pair of pants. Sweat pants will probably be your best bet so you don’t overheat at an indoor party, and won’t be as hard to walk in!

Step 4: Tuck those pants into a pair of Snow Boots or Napoleon Dynamite style moon boots.

Step 5: Put on your knit cap with ear flaps.

Step 6: Get a friend or Mom to help wind a long grey scarf around your neck, up over around your hat and around your mouth. With many extra long scarves in fashion now, it shouldn’t be too hard to come across one!

**Step 7: Put on a pair of mittens and team up with Ralphie to try to dodge Scutt Farkus on the way to your party! If you should run into them, remember to lay there like a slug… Sometimes, it’s your only defense!

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