How to make a Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” costume

A modern classic, “A Christmas Story” holds a special place on nearly everyone’s favorite holiday movie list. Dress up as the overly imaginative hero of the tale, young Ralphie with a costume guaranteed to make people tell you “You’ll shoot your eye out.” (Or, you could take the easy route and dress up with Ralphie’s “Pink Nightmare” bunny costume). Here’s an easy way to make a costume that will allow you to hold your head high, even if you’ve got a bar of Lifeboy in your mouth!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Glasses with large lenses and black rims

* Brown knit cap with earflaps (or make your own by sewing flaps onto a plain ol’ knit cap)

* Grey plaid winter jacket

* Brown pants

* Scarf

* Plaid shirt

* Longsleeved V-neck sweater

* Hair gel


* BB Gun or toy shotgun

* Bar of soap

* Container of Ovaltine

##Putting together your Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” costume##

Step 1: Slick down your hair into a ’40s kids side part ‘do similar to Ralphie’s schoolboy hair.

Step 2: Put on a plaid button down shirt (it doesn’t have to be flannel) and put a longsleeved v-neck sweater over the top. (You’ll want this look in case it gets too hot to wear your parka.)

Step 3: Put on a pair of brown pants, corduroy if you can find them.

Step 4: Swing on your winter gear for those chilly Indiana winters. Put on your zip up plaid parka, hat with earflaps, and wind a long knit scarf around your neck.

Step 5: Put on your glasses. You can even “break” one of the lenses if you’re going for a Post BB-Gun Action Ralphie look!

Step 6: Grab some props to add some flavor to your costume. Grab a toy shotgun for a Red Ryder BB-Gun replica, a bar of “soap” to put in your mouth, and a can of Ovaltine for decoding your Little Orphan Annie Secret Society Messages!

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