How to make a Rainbow Bright costume

Rainbow Bright is a cartoon character created in the 1980’s. During that time the characters and cartoon where extremely popular. If you remember those times and wish to be a Rainbow Bright character you might want to make your own costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Blue material or dress

* Rainbow leggings

* Rainbow shirt

* Ribbon

* Wand with pink star

* Red high heels

* White material


Step 1: The first part of the costume is going to be the dress. For adults the dress can have a sexy appeal to it. The bodice of the dress should be tight with a short shirt that flares out just a little. In other words it is not plastered to the body. The skirt of the dress is above mid thigh. The upper part of the dress has short puffed sleeves. The bodice is going to be rather square with a bit of a V near the chest. Around the bottom of the skirt is a one inch thick white material that kind of resembles cotton balls.

Step 2: To finish the dress you will need a rainbow belt. The belt has horizontal stripes and a star latch. You can find rainbow material in any do it yourself store.

Step 3: To finish the costume you need both arm and leg leggings. The arms should be covered up to the shoulders. This rainbow material with horizontal stripes can be sewn to the dress if you wish. The leggings will reach the knees and end.

Step 4: The final step is to add the accessories and shoes. The shoes should be high heels in red other though you can choose any red shoe. A red bow should be added to the hair and in one hand a pink star wand.

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