How to make a Punky Brewster costume

The 80s are cool again! And so are obscure characters from sitcoms from the decade! Still obscure enough to be cool and recognizable enough to make a great costume, you can put together a simple and fun Punky Brewster costume for your next 80s-themed party! Dress up as the colorful abandoned kid

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blue sweatshirt

* Bright colored longsleeve t-shirt to wear under sweatshirt

* White t-shirt

* Colored denim vest

* Assorted pins and patches

* Jeans

* Striped legwarmers

* Brightly colored sneakers with mismatched laces

* Ponytail holders

* OPTIONAL: Stuffed Golden Retriever toy dog

##Dressing up as Punky Brewster##

Step 1: The first thing you’ll want to do is layer your clothing. Wear a bright colored long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a bright blue sweatshirt. Push up the sleeves of your sweatshirt and roll the long-sleeved t-shirt over it so that there is a contrasting cuff.

Step 2: Put on a white t-shirt over your two shirts and roll up the sleeves on the white shirt so that a much shorter layer exists.

Step 3: Put on your denim vest over the shirt. You can wear a plain blue denim one or opt for a brightly colored vest. Decorate it with all sorts of pins and patches, 80s style!

Step 4: Put on a pair of jeans and layer over them a pair of bright socks and striped legwarmers.

Step 5: Put on a pair of colorful Converse sneakers — or any other brilliantly hued shoe with mis-matched laces.

Step 6: The final touch is to pull your hair into two side ponytails to get this look! Grab a stuffed toy dog to pose as Brandon, Punky’s beloved pet Golden Retriever!

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