How to make a Punk Rock Girl Costume for Cheap

Heres a few simple ways to easily get the cute punk rock girl look for cheap:

Step 1: Find a pair of blue or black jeans and ripp holes out of them at the knee area. Or wear a plaid skirt.

Step 2: For pockets, get a wallet with a chain. Stuff the wallet in front pocket and back piece in back pocket to look like a punk chain.

Step 3: Put on a plain black t-shirt or plain white t-shirt and color it with bright markers and glitter.

Step 4: Put on mom’s black rings and bracelets.

Step 5: Paint your nails black or a (green or orange)neon color.

Step 6: Put on black eyeliner and black mascara. Put on red, purple, or light pink lipstick.

Step 7: Wear black converses, vans, or black boots. For combat boots wear socks that go higher than them.

Step 8: For your hair, spray in some color dye or bratz magic hair streaks. Or put colorful hair extinsions in your hair. Preferbly dark colors like purple, red, or green. Either wear your hair straight, wavy, or in 2 side ponytails.

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