How to make a Princess Fiona costume?

Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek has many appearances as both an ogre and a regular human. To create a Princess Fiona costume you have to decide what you would like to be before you can get into more detail on the costume. We are going to choose the easier of the two costumes to create and leave Fiona as the human princess.

##What will you need?##

* Renaissance dress

* Leather shoes

* Red wig

* Crown


Step 1: The main part of the costume will be the dress. A Renaissance dress offers a rounded neckline with a pointed waistline. You may also have a slight puff to the long sleeves. The skirt of the dress should be a simple line with the material reaching the ankles. You can find a dress or create one from a pattern. To truly make the costume you will most likely want to get the proper material and pattern to create your own. The color of the dress is up to you it can be blue, pink, white, green, or even brown.

Step 2: The shoes of the costume should be leather slippers, but you can really wear anything as the skirt should cover the ankles and the shoes for the most part.

Step 3: The rest of the costume will be for the head. Princess Fiona has long red hair. This means your wig should extend to the waist and be in a braid or ponytail. To top the wig you will need a crown to symbolize you are Princess Fiona rather than a Renaissance character.

To be an ogre you would need the ogre face and green body. Ogre Princess Fiona is also a bit rounded than her regular body, which may mean padding needs to be added to the overall costume.

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