How to make a princess costume

Being a princess is something most little girls dream of, but what princess will they choose. There are several types of [url=]princess costumes[/url] out there from the fairy tale princesses to those we make up. All princesses have something in common though. They are going to be beautifully dressed, with crown, jewelry, and a sophisticated demeanor to add to the outfit. We can help create the princess costume, but you will have to take care of the demeanor!

[b]Things You will Need:[/b]

– Dress Pattern

– Material

– [url=]Crown[/url]

– Jewelry

– Glitter

– Computer


[b]Step 1:[/b] The most important aspect of a princess costume is going to be the dress. The dress can be any color, and the most appropriate material is going to be silk or satin. If you do not have the means for such an expense you can choose any material. The material color is normally pink, but again it can be blue, purple or any color your child loves. The pattern is going to help you design the dress. Most princesses wear ballgowns, but an evening dress will also work. If your child already has a special occasion dress this is a good way to reuse a dress and make it a little more princess like. The dress should have ruffled shoulders, a bow or belt, and lace around the top.

[b]Step 2:[/b] Once the dress has been created you can move onto step two which is assembling the costume. This is where you will add the accessories. The jewelry should be something fit for a princess even if it is fake; in other words a lot of sparkle and glitter. The crown should also be full of sparkle. You can find cheap jewelry and a crown at your local mall or shopping center. They are usually inexpensive, even at a toy shop.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The glitter should be added to the makeup as well as the dress to give it that sparkling feel, especially if the material is cotton. The glitter gives that appearance of royalty we often see in the movies.

Sensible shoes, coat, and even tights should be added to the costume to make sure the child is warm if you live somewhere cold.

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