How to make a Predator costume?

Predator is one of the most popular movies. It has even been paired with another popular idea, that of Alien movies. With AVP and Predator films out there it is no wonder you might be interested in how to make your own costume. There are a few pieces that you will need to help you along and those will be listed below. Keep in mind these suggestions are for those on a budget or those who just love to make your own costumes.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Face paint

* Gloves

* Fake finger nails

* Hiking boots or combat boots

* Gray or black sweat suit

* Leg warmers

* Black belt

* Black or gray material


I am sure you have seen the predator costumes for sale. They look very in depth and they are also a little on the costly side. For those with a budget you have to be a little more inventive. A lot of the materials we have listed can be found in the average home. And best of all when you make your own it can look just as great and be your handy work.

You can go to any store and find patterns for costumes. This is an option, but for those who are not savvy with needle and thread we have other materials, which are listed above.

Step 1: The main part of your costume is going to be the black or gray sweat suit. You can actually use any body suit as long as it is a darker colour. The body suit is going to be fake predator skin. Since predator is a being not of human origin you can elect to find a suit that looks as though it has scales. Again this will depend on your budget.

Step 2: The next step in creating your predator costume will be the armour and gloves. With the gloves you need something that will match the pant suit you are using. Then on the ends of the gloves you can affix the fake nails. The fake nails should be black. You can also use paint to give the gloves a scaly skin look.

Step 3: The armour has four pieces to it. You have the legs, lower arms, belt and waist area, and the shoulder and chest. The armour should be a different colour than the body suit so that it stands out. This is where a little sewing comes in. With the right material you need to cut out a place for the head and arms. The armour should be relatively short, meaning about mid stomach in length. By looking at premade predator costumes you can see the pattern you should have. Then you can also make the rib and muscle indentations that you see with extra material. The armour for the lower arms can be made with the same material. If you can find leg warmers to adapt this is easier than making it from scratch. The legs should have a scale look or layered look for the armour. The belt should be black or gray depending on the rest of the costume. From there you can take material for the leg guards and front guard.

Step 4: This is the last step. If you can afford a mask then by all means do so. However, you can also use face paint to create a scull like look and predator jaw. Your hair can also be modified in a predator style. For this you will need a picture of the mask and some creativity with face paint.

By following these steps you can have a pretty great looking predator costume. Again you can also buy certain pieces for the costume to make it more authentic and just stick to the main body suit made from home.

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