How to make a Prancer costume?

Prancer is one of Santa’s Reindeer; therefore the costume can make a great idea for a Christmas Party. Prancer doesn’t have any distinguishing features like Rudolf, except in the antlers. Prance tends to have more antlers than other reindeer in most depictions. To make it absolutely clear as to what Santa reindeer you are you can add the name to the costume. See our materials needed and instructions section for more.

##Materials Needed:##

* Reindeer Antlers

* Brown fabric

* Light brown fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Black fabric

* velcro


Step 1: The main body of Prancer is the first step. Your pattern should help you in assembling the pieces you need. The brown fabric will be the main body color. The light brown material is for Prancers tummy. Use your sewing machine to construct the body of Prancer. The Velcro should be placed on the back to help keep the costume closed.

Step 2: To the main body you will need to attach hooves. It will behove you to use black fabric for the hooves. (pun intended!) Typically the hooves will be rounded, so don’t expect to use your hands, unless you attach part of the upper hoof with Velcro.

Step 3: Once the main body of Prancer has been constructed you can work on the head. You have two choices for the head. You can use the pattern to create a full Prancer face or you can use your own face and the antler head band you purchase.

To make sure that everyone knows you are Prancer you should have a collar with jingle bells and your reindeer name. With your jingle bells you are ready to go dashing through the snow and into the night!

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