How to make a Power Ranger costume?

Power Rangers were extremely popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They are still to some degree popular with children, though not as they have been in the past. If you are looking for a child’s costume that is fairly easy to make you might want to consider the power rangers.

##What you will need:##

* Red body suit

* Red helmet

* Red boots


The power rangers are all different colors, so you can switch the materials around a bit if your child wants to be one of the other power rangers from the shows. We are just using red as an example. A great way to make the power rangers costume is by having a motorcycle body suit in red, but failing that you can use other materials.

The body suit can be anything from sweats, a leotard, or any two piece red suit. You should be able to add padding to the suit in order to get some muscle definition. You will also want to sew the power ranger emblem onto the suit in the front.

The helmet will need to be something that will cover the entire face. You can use a motorcycle helmet or even a regular bike helmet. The key is to make sure that whatever you use will cover the face, even if you have to add material or face paint to give the overall impression.

The shoes should be red and either boots or tennis shoes depending on what you can find. The final piece to the costume is going to be some type of Japanese or Ninja weapon. It will depend on what you have lying around or what you might consider getting for your child. Since the power rangers are ninjas you at least need some type of weapon.

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