How to make a PocaHAUNTus (Goth Pocahontas) Costume

One of the most famous Native American princesses (who also got a Disney film of her own) is Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan. Put a gothic/spooky spin on this historical figure and make her ghost come alive with a scary version of “PocaHAUNTus.”

Things You’ll Need * Long black wig * White cream makeup

* Grey eyeshadow * Fake blood

* Red lipstick

* Dark brown suede or faux suede fabric (microfiber will work well); black washable marker

* Faux suede fringe in red or black

* Black fringed boots * Hunting knife * Feathered headdress with black and red feathers

* Fabric glue

Putting together your PocaHAUNTus (Goth Pocahontas) costume

Step 1: Take the dark-brown suede or faux suede fabric and draw a simple dress design on the fabric, but make it with only one sleeve. The length should be no longer than mid-thigh. Cut the brown-suede fabric out, following your pattern.

Step 2 Attach red and black suede or faux suede to your costume around the neckline and attach several rows towards the bottom. Use fabric glue to tack it in place

Step 4: Put on a pair of boots with fringe on them.

Step 5: Add a light coat of white cream makeup to your face and any exposed skin,

Step 6: Add grey shadow beneath your eyes for a hollowed out effect and to the hollows of your cheeks for an “undead” effect. Step 7: Smear some fake blood onto your arms in a tribal pattern, add some to your legs, and put on some red lipstick.

Step 8: Strap a toy hunting knife to your leg and smear it with blood.

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