How to Make a Pirate Costume

Pirates have long fascinated individuals because of the romantic stories we seem to apply to them; the lost treasure, surviving the seas, and ruling the sea. If you want to be a pirate this year, but do not want to buy the costume we have a few instructions on how to create your own pirate look.

##Things You Need:##

* Pirate Hat

* Knee high boots

* Vest

* Peasant shirt

* Hose style pants

* Braided hair or dreads

* Sword

* Pistols

* Leather belt

* Handkerchief

* Single hoop earring

* Fake Beard

* Skull and crossbone insignia


Step 1: Pirates are either seen in all black or a white shirt with black hose or pants. The shirt needs to be the peasant style that is loose fitting and has the ties at the chest. Usually the shirt has ruffled cuffs. It is up to you to choose your colors. If you can find the shirt and hose then you need not make the outfit, but you can also by the material and the pattern to get the correct style pirate. The pirate depending on who you are mirroring may have a vest and long coat to complete that part of the costume.

Step 2: The face is another essential part to fix up. Any pirate is going to have a beard, so you just need to choose the type. Will you be like Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard? Jack’s beard is simple with the dreads hanging off the beard. It is also a bit cleaner on the face. Blackbeard had his whole face from the side burns to the mouth covered in hair. Once the beard is on you can choose to have the dread locks for the hair or keep your own. The hair should be topped with a handkerchief preferably the skull and crossbones style, and then a hat placed on the top.

Step 3: The accessories stage is the final stage in creating your pirate look. In this stage you need to add the gold hoop to the ear as well as putting on the knee high boots. The leather belt should be such that the fake pistols and sword will fit in the sword. You can also have a dagger on the belt or in the boot. A pirate will have plenty of tools. These weapons can be found at toy stores or made from cardboard and tin foil.

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