How to make a Pink Panther costume?

The Pink Panther is a cartoon character who has been around for decades now. He is often seen in commercials today rather than in cartoons. To be the pink panther you will need a few materials and some instruction. Luckily we have that for you below.

##Things you will need:##

* Pink material

* Cotton or batting

* Pink mask or makeup

* Head band

* Pipe cleaners


Step 1: The Pink Panther costume will be completely pink. You will need to create a suit with long sleeves. It can be a two piece suit or one piece depending on your needs. You can also use a pink body suit or pajamas if you want. The choice is how much work you would like to put into the costume. For our purposes you will need the pink material for a complete jumpsuit.

Step 2: Also from the pink material you need to create the ears, tail, and paws. The shoes you wear can either be pink or covered with pink material. The hands should have pink paws. The tail will need to be rather long as a panthers usually is half their body length. To make the tail still you can use bunting or cotton wrapped up in the material to form a rounded tail. You may also use metal such as pipe cleaners or a hanger piece to get a stiffness so the tail is not trailing. The ears will be created with the head band and pipe cleaners.

Step 3: The face needs to be panther like so a mask may work best for you. However you can also paint your entire face pink, add black for the nose and then black for the whiskers. You can also use a hat to cover your hair for the entire pink costume.

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