How to make a Pimp Cane or Lady Gaga Disco Stick

Want an outstanding accessory for your Pimp or Lady Gaga costume? Go the DIY route and make a unique pimp cane or “disco stick” with just a few items from a craft store. Use your own creativity to decorate it as you see fit. Best of all, even an elaborate pimp cane can take only an hour (or less) to build.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long wooden dowel (2.5 to 3 feet)

* Acrylic paint (your choice of color or colors)

* Paint brush

* Newspaper to lay out

* 3″ or larger styrofoam ball

* Scissors

* Silver or gold glitter paint

* Loose glitter in your choice of color

* Saran wrap

* Hot Glue Gun or Krazy Glue

* Embellishments of your choice such as sequins, Swarovski crystals, etc.

##Putting together your Pimp Cane or Lady Gaga Disco Stick##

Step 1: Head to your local craft store to pick up most of what you need. You can get a long, wooden dowel, embellishments, and a styrofoam ball to serve as the topper on your cane or disco stick.

Step 2: Choose a color scheme for your cane/stick. Grab your paint brush and dip it in the acrylic paint and begin painting your entire wooden dowell with it. You can lay it flat on newspaper while painting it or lean it up against a washable surface to dry.

Step 3: If you wish to do a second coat once the dowel is dry, you may do so. This would be the time to add any loose glitter to it if you want a twinkling stick. If you wish to add sequins or crystals, wait until your stick is dry to begin tacking them onto it with gem glue or Super Glue.

Step 4: While your dowel is drying, grab your styrofoam ball and cut a hole in the bottom of it with your scissors. Plunge them in and make a small hole and cut it so that it will securely fit over the top of your dowel.

Step 5: Clean off your paintbrush or use a new one to begin painting your styrofoam ball with solid acrylic or glitter paint. You can choose a number of looks and paint it to resemble an 8 Ball, or with silver and/or crystaline glitter for a Disco Stick.

Step 6: Add more embellishments of your choice once the styrofoam ball is dry.

Step 7: To make sure none of your embellishments fall off of your styrofoam ball or stick to your hand, grab a small piece of Saran Wrap and stretch it carefully over your ball. The smaller the better so you don’t have bunching. Tuck the excess into the hole at the bottom of the ball. This is great to keep your handiwork in place and to keep everything in place.

Step 8: Now that your dowel and ball topper are dry, fire up the hot glue gun or get some Crazy Glue and put a dab on the end of the dowel and inside the styrofoam ball hole. Apply gentle pressure so the glue sticks to the surfaces once they make contact. Wait a while for it to dry and you’re ready to show them how strong your pimp hand is or take someone for a ride on your disco stick!

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