How to make a Phoenix Jones costume

Phoenix Jones: average American citizen and self-proclaimed superhero. No. Seriously.

Phoenix Jones, a Seattle vigilante tired of neighborhood crime, was recently arrested after swooping in to save a downtown club-goer from a beating. Jones pepper-sprayed the offender and was later arrested for keeping the peace. (Go figure, eh?)

Jones himself was easy to spot and apprehend, however, due to his homemade costume. Even better, when Jones unmasked himself, he also had a distinctive “Flattop” hairstyle beneath his superhero cowl. Jones also revealed his real name at court hearing — Ben Fodor. Wonder if Marvel or DC will be contacting Citizen Fodor about his Phoenix Jones alter ego and giving him his own comic?

Craft your own homage to heroism with a Phoenix Jones costume. Here’s how to make your own:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Flat top wig

* OPTIONAL: Black hairspray

* Batman mask

* Scissors

* Needle and thread OR Epoxy putty and black paint.

* Metallic gold spray paint

* Painters tape

* Long-sleeve black t-shirt

* Batman black muscle chest (or full Batman muscle costume, which also comes with jumpsuit, eliminating need for black pants)

* Black pants (fitted) or men’s black liquid leggings

* Black boots

* Billy club

* Black leather gloves (or leather-like gloves)

* Utility belt (if not already part of costume)

##Putting Together Your Phoenix Jones Costume##

Step 1: Put on your Flat top wig. OPTIONAL, you can use black spray-in haircolor to make your wig’s hue match Phoenix Jones’ hair color in the event you’re unmasked.

Step 2: Doctor up your Batman mask to match Jones’ look. First, snip off the pointed bat ears at the top of the mask. You can use a simple stitch from the inside of the mask to patch the holes for a smooth, earless look. Or, you can use epoxy putty to patch the holes. (Just don’t wear the mask while you’re doing it. Put it on a wig dummy head with plastic wrap beneath the holes so that the mask does not get stuck. Smooth over the putty and wait for it to dry and then paint over it with black paint. If your mask has a “Bat insignia” on the front of it, you can also cut it off and round-off the neckline of the cowl.

Step 3: Continue customizing your mask and the muscle chest to replicate Phoenix Jones’ costume. Mark off two triangles with painters’ tape on your mask around the eye holes. Carefully use the gold spraypaint to create gold triangles around the eyes. Once dry, peel off the painters’ tape for a more “finished” look with the paint, helping you to stay in the lines.

Step 4: Now, use that painters’ tape to mark off the appropriate portions (a “v” near the neckline” and a thick strip across the chest and upper arms) of your muscle chest piece.) and hit them with the gold spray paint. Once dry, peel off the painters’ tape.

Step 5: Put on your pants and longsleeved black t-shirt along with some boots.

Step 6 Pull on your now-dry painted cowl over your wig and your muscle top over your t-shirt.

Step 7: Hang your peace-keeping billy club from your utility belt and get ready to stop crime in its tracks!

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