How to make a Pebbles costume?

Pebbles, from the Flinstones, make a great adult or baby costume. To help you in creating the Pebbles costume we have a list of materials and instructions for you to follow. You can always add to the costume for cooler climates if needed.

##What you will need:##

* Pink shorts

* Pink top with black dots

* Orange wig

* Fake bone

* Nude body suit

* Shoes


Pebbles is from the stone age so technically shoes don’t belong to the costume, but you can’t go walking around bare foot, so choose a shoe that will look natural in color or you can also create a covering for them to be skin color.

To start on Pebbles you need a nude color body suit. This will extend to long sleeves and long pants enabling the costume to be warmer than just wearing the shorts and shirt.

The shorts should be cotton and pink. The best type of shorts will be loose and more like exercise shorts. The shirt should also be pink, but with black dots. The shirt should be loose as well.

Once you have the main part of the costume you need to finish it up with the hair. If you have red hair you won’t need a wig. However, an orange wig in a ponytail on the top of the head is needed. The ponytail should be short. You should also be able to stick the fake bone through the hair to look like a hair tie.

After, the final piece has been added you will be ready to take your Pebbles costume out to the street for Halloween candy or any costume party you might be attending. Just remember that it should look as prehistoric a costume as you can make.

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