How to make a Pam from True Blood costume

Pam is Eric’s right-hand-woman on True Blood, his #2 in command who is frequently at his side, running Fangtasia. Pam is quite the fashion plate and has a caustic sense of humor — a rarity for vampires. She’s always impeccably turned out, whether she’s sporting red vinyl or pastel suits… And she applies her fashion sensibilities to Eric, often assisting in helping him dye his hair. Check out how you can make a Pam costume of your own!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Wavy blonde wig — (I recommend the Seductress Wig)

* Fangs

* White sunglasses

* Deep coral colored lipstick

* Nail polish

* Brown eyeliner

* Pale foundation makeup

* Pastel suit

* Pantyhose

* Pink high heels

* Pearl earrings

##Dressing up as Pam from True Blood##

Step 1: Put on a long, wavy blonde wig. I, personally recommend the Seductress wig which has a natural, yet slight wave to it. It looks pretty versatile for a lot of Pam’s hairstyles and even seems to have varying shades of blonde mixed throughout. Pam’s definitely got Southern hair!

Step 2: Put on a light foundation makeup on your face to give you a pale skin tone.

Step 3: Put on some tasteful, tan eyeshadow and line your eyes with brown eyeliner. Anything darker would be too harsh for fair Pam who strives to maintain a ladylike look, even with fangs.

Step 4: Which brings us to the fangs! Put in a pair of fangs, either a glue-on style that fits over your own teeth or pair of false fangs that you can slip over the top of your own teeth.

Step 5: Put on a classic pastel colored suit or a suit with funky, bold zebra stripes. Pam favors a Jackie O sort of style with her wardrobe and pastel blues and pinks are a staple for her — even if she wears basic black or red vinyl while she’s at Fangtasia!

Step 6: Put on a pair of pantyhose in a nude shade. No lady would be caught undead without her pantyhose.

Step 7: Put a pair of white sunglasses atop your wavy blonde wig. So what if vampires can’t go out in the sun! This is pure fashion!

Step 8: Put on a classy pair of pink pumps or any sort of unique, designer look shoes. Just be prepared to have them ruined if Eric sends you on a mission to tramp through the swamps wearing them!

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