How to make a Pac Man costume

One of the most recognizable figures in the world of video gaming, Pac Man, the little yellow gobbler from the Atari console of the ’80s is popular again! Celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary, a special edition revamp is on its way! Show some love to Pac Man (and Ms. Pac Man) with this simple DIY costume:

##Things you’ll need##

* Two large pieces of corrugated cardboard

* Magic marker

* Scissors or exacto knife

* Yellow acrylic paint

* Yellow sweatshirt

* Yellow sweatpants

* Hole puncher

* Leather cording

* OPTIONAL: Pink bow (for Ms. Pacman costume)

##Putting together your Pacman costume##

Step 1: Get two large pieces of corrugated cardboard. You will want one that will cover at least your torso down to slightly above your knees and will be wide enough to stretch across your chest. Approximately 2 feet in circumference.

Step 2: Draw two separate large circles on your pieces of cardboard. Carefully cut out these circles with scissors or your exacto or palatte knife.

Step 3: Paint the circles with yellow acrylic paint. Allow it to dry before adding a single black eye to the front side of your costume.

Step 4: Punch two small holes at the top of each of your circles. Thread and knot the leather cording through them. You can adjustit so it drapes over you or leave the ends loose so you can tie as high and tight as you want over your shoulders.

Step 5: Put on your yellow shirt and sweatpants.

Step 6: Put your cardboard circle Pacman costume over you and get ready to gobble some ghosts!

OPTIONAL: If you want to create a Ms Pacman costume, you can add a small, pink satin bow to the side of the front of your Pacman costume and glue it or sew it with a stitch or two.

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