How to make a nurse costume?

Nurse costumes may come in all sorts of different ideas. If you are looking for a regular nurse costume or something you might find from Scrubs, Greys Anatomy, or even ER then you are in the right place. We are going to describe how to create a regular nurse costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Scrubs in any color

* Tennis shoes

* Clipboard

* Lab coat

* Stethoscope


Step 1: For a nurse that we see today you need to have scrubs. Most nurses are not regulated to a specific color of scrubs. In fact some nurses have Minnie mouse scrubs or other characters. You can find scrubs in second hand stores or places like Wal Mart. They do sell the items you need. Scrubs if you wish to make your own should be a loose fitting shirt with a v- neck and short sleeves. The pants will need to be drawstrings and be normal pant length.

Step 2: Over the scrubs a lab coat may be necessary. In some places you will discover lab coats are used for nurses or doctors over the scrubs. So this is an optional piece, but could add weight for your nurse costume. The lab coat can be short or long it is up to you.

Step 3: The accessories stage is the final step to your nurse costume. For the accessories you need a clipboard and pen. This will signify the chart of the patient you are working on. The clipboard can be anything you have around the house, and don’t forget the papers. The stethoscope can either be around your neck or in your lab coat pocket. For display purposes you should have it out some of the time. Lastly the shoes should be comfortable white tennis shoes.

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