How to make a Nightmare Before Christmas costume?

A Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most popular movies for Children. It is a dark tale of Jack Skellington who wants to take over Santa’s job of delivering toys around the world. However, he doesn’t quite have the knack and therefore ends up making a bit of a mess. This year if you don’t want a traditional Christmas costume for your party consider something from a Nightmare Before Christmas. You have Jack or Sally, among others that can be found in Halloweentown.

##Materials Needed:##

* Tuxedo

* White pumpkin head

* Patchwork dress

* Red wig

* White face paint

* Black boots


Since you have plenty to choose from in the Nightmare Before Christmas we decided to go with two costumes. In fact Sally and Jack make for a great couples costume idea if you need one. To start we will talk about Jack.

Jack is a pumpkin skeleton. The head will need to be a white pumpkin to symbolize the un- dead. You can use a round plastic white ball or white material. You should have plenty of missing teeth and a place for the eyes. The next part of the costume is a black and grey tuxedo style outfit. The coat should have long tails. Then black shoes will complete this outfit.

For Sally she is a pieced together individual. You will need a patchwork dress of many colors and a lot of stitching. Even her mouth is stitched, so you might want to symbolize that with a bit of makeup. The white face paint should be used for an un-dead look. The last things to add are the red wig and black boots.

These are just two ideas you can have from a Nightmare before Christmas.

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