How to make a Neytiri from

James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, “Avatar” has been considered a phenomenon. Although no official “Avatar” costumes have been released yet, you can still put together your own look with makeup, a wig and some accessories to become one of the Na’vi. This makeup will be for Neytiri, but you can modify it to resemble any of the characters you may want to dress as. One thing to remember. Doing good makeup is more than just slapping on several coats of blue face paint. Take your time and this can look really good!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Elf ears

* Blue and white acrylic paint

* Paint brushes and/or makeup brushes

* Makeup sponges or wedges

* Spirit gum and/or facial appliances/putty

* Yellow cat eye contacts

* OPTIONAL – Glue Stick

* Blue cream makeup

* White cream makeup

* Braided wig OR

* Long brown wig

* Beads

* Feathers

* Blue bodysuit OR

* Nude bodysuit

* Blue RIT dye

* Fabric paint

* Brown leather headband

* Brown bikini or swimsuit

##Putting together your Neytiri Avatar Na’vi costume and makeup##

Step 1: Pick up a pair of elf ears. Paint them with a coat of blue acrylic paint that will match your makeup scheme. When they’re dry, apply a lighter shade of blue (could be the same blue mixed with white) in “stripes” across the ear in a zebra-like pattern.

Step 2: Allow the ears to dry since you will be applying them near the front of your temples/forehead with spirit gum or appliance putty. Wash and dry your face thoroughly so the ears stick. Use the photo of one of the Na’vi to get an idea of where they will sit on your head and then glue ’em on!

Step 3: Wash your hands and put in a pair of yellow contacts. You can purchase these online or at specialty stores. If you’re not a wearer of contacts, have a friend help you put them in… Just wash your hands first! Any dust, stray hairs or debris on those babies will make your eyes water and makeup run later on.

Step 4: This step is completely optional depending on how hardcore you want to take your makeup. The Na’vi don’t have eyebrows. While you could just paint your makeup on over them, if you don’t have prosthetic appliances to cover them, a neat trick is to take a giant glue stick (or the spirit gum) and go over your eyebrows with it, rubbing the stick in the opposite direction of eyebrow growth. Let it dry and then do it one or two more times (depending on how thick your brows are). With your brows flat against your skin with a layer of “glue skin” over them, you can have a nice, flat surface to apply the makeup with, without worrying about any facial hair peeking through.

Step 5: Apply blue cream makeup in thin layers to your face, neck and chest. You can also blend some of the makeup up and around your Elf Ears on your forehead/temples, so long as they’re dry to get a smoother look. If you feel like you need more “blue” coverage, apply another thin layer. It stays on better to do it in stages and doesn’t look like you just glopped it on.

Step 6: Mix together some white cream makeup with the blue to create a lighter shade. Use one of your paint brushes or makeup brushes to apply it in thin stripes, concentrated mostly at the temples of your face, then drawing it outward in thin stripes.

Step 7: To give the broad, alien/cat like nose that the Na’vi have, take the lighter shade of blue and paint directly down in a straight line from the inner corner of your eye to outer edge of your nose. Blend it with the brush. Repeat on your other eye/nose area. Then, take the light blue mixture and paint a stripe down the center of your nose, blending a bit for a “highlighted” effect.

Step 8: Add the lighter blue makeup around your eyes and blend with the darker shade. Then do some “zebra stripes” with the light blue on your forehead, extending up from the bridge of your nose.

Step 9: Take a skinny paintbrush or makeup brush and dip it in the plain white cream makeup. Dot it along your forehead and cheeks below your eyes to create the “freckles” the Na’vi sport.

Step 10: Wait for your makeup to dry. Put on a braided wig with or without beads… OR, if you really want to go nuts, get your own long brown wig and braid it with your own beads and feathers for a customized touch. However, a Beaded wig can do the trick just as well. Be careful that you don’t hit your ears with it and knock them off! (As a test-run beforehand, try on the wig and see where you want your ears to be so they’re very visible and not hidden by the wig.)

Step 11: Put on a blue bodysuit, or, if you can’t find one, go to a dance store or outlet store and pick up a nude colored bodysuit and dye it with RIT dye. You can pick up RIT dye at a fabric store, or sometimes a drug store. Follow the directions on the packet to dye your white or nude colored bodysuit blue. You can add a striped/tyedye effect once your suit is dry and then go for a SECOND round of RIT dye after you tie the sleeves, legs, and body part with rubber bands. The dye won’t take on the banded areas and you get instant stripe-effects on the body like the Na’vi have.

Step 12: Put on a brown bikini or any outfit you want to dress like the Na’vi of your choice. Decorate your arms with faux leather bands or strips of braided brown fabric. Dangle beads and/or feathers from them for effect.

Step 13: It’s a lot of preparation, but much more simple than you would think to look like Nytiri or your other favorite Avatar Na’vi! Good luck!

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