How to make a nativity costume?

Live Nativities can be very popular during the Christmas season. You may also be in a play telling the story of baby Jesus. Whether you are using the costumes for a party or other needs there are plenty of ideas when it comes to the Nativity scene. You have a child lamb, shepherds, Gaspar, Mary, Joseph, Balthazar, Melchior, an angel, and much more. We will only offer you one costume for the Nativity scene below with instructions, but know that all these ideas exist.

##Materials Needed:##

* White fabric

* White dress shoes

* Florist wire

* Sheer fabric

* Cotton

* Halo


For our Nativity costume we have chosen a child angel. The child angel makes a great costume idea as they are typically used during Christmas for the Church service the night before Christmas. To begin you will need to make a white formless dress out of the white fabric. You can use a pattern to make sure you get the long sleeved dress you want. The dress should come down to you or the person’s ankles.

After the dress has been created you can begin to work on the angel wings, which is the most delicate part of the costume. The angle wings will need to be formed out of florist wire. The wire should be very sturdy. You will need to create the wings as well as a way to secure them to the shoulders. Usually a thick wire and then thin cardboard makes the wings comfortable to wear. After the outer shell has been completed you need to place the sheer material around the wire and sew it or glue it on. The cotton will ring the wire to hide it from few and give the wings a fluffy look.

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