How to make a Naruto costume?

Naruto is a ninja in training without much discipline until it really matters. The anime character has been very popular since its release in the US. For those who do not wish to buy a Naruto costume we have steps to creating one below to help you.

[b]Things You Need:[/b]

– Orange Material

– Blue Material

– 2 black belts

– Yellow or blonde wig

– Costume makeup

– Fake [url=]Ninja weapons[/url]


[b]Step 1:[/b] In this first step you will need to create a two piece ninja suit like in the manga. The lower half of the suit will be simple orange pants just past the knees. They are loose fitting around the legs. The upper half of the costume is going to be orange with blue shoulders. The outfit should be long sleeved, and you can have an orange or white collar. It depends on how much material you want to purchase. The blue should be laid over the orange jump suit. We mentioned to make it a two piece even though it is really one suit. A two piece is more comfortable for the child during the night.

[b]Step 2:[/b] Once the body of the costume is made you need to add the accessories. The first black belt will go around the waist. This can help hide the two piece costume. The second belt needs to be modified slightly. The second belt is going to be the [url=]headband of Naruto[/url]. The headband has a silver plate with design. You can take this headband or belt and create your own fake plate. The plate can be made from a silver wrapping paper, foil or even paper. Make sure you draw the design while the paper is laying flat and with a tool that will show up on the material you have chosen.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The headband is going to hold the blonde wig in place. However before you put both on you might want to use the makeup to give the Naruto symbol. Naruto has a little symbol on his forehead denoting his ancestry. It is something the other manga characters do not have. The last piece to add to the costume is Ninja weapons Naruto might carry to battle.

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