How to make a Mr. Snowman costume?

Snowmen, during Christmas, are most popular to make out of snow and to wear as a costume. If you are looking for a Christmas idea for a costume party or play a Snowman may be the perfect choice. We have instructions and materials listed below to help you make the perfect costume. A snowman will be what you want to make it. You have plenty of choices in accessories and some may not be listed. Remember your imagination is the limit to your costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* White bunting

* White fleece fabric

* Gold buttons

* Red scarf

* Santa Hat

* Elf shoes

* Red fake nose

* White gloves

* Florist wire or hula hoops of different size


Step 1: To begin you need to create the three snow balls out of wire. You will need a hoop for both the top and bottom of each snow ball to get the rounded effect. The white fabric will help you tie the hoops together. The bunting will need to be used on the inside of the costume to get the dome shape. What you want to do is place the bunting on the fabric to make it round then cover it up so that it doesn’t fall out. The lowest snow ball needs to bend for comfort.

Step 2: Now that you have the snowman body you can begin to accessorize. The red scarf will go around your neck, the red fake nose should be used, and you will need to sew the gold buttons on to the costume.

Step 3: You should use some of the white fabric to make your head as white as snow, without covering your eyes, nose or mouth. The Santa hat can be sewn to the white fabric or you can put it on your head when ready.

Step 4: white gloves and a white turtle neck with long sleeves should be worn to complete the body.

Step 5: Lastly the shoes are elf style in our list, but you can of course chose anything you wish.

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