How to make a Mr. Potato Head costume?

Did you play with a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head as a child?

Most of us have or at least know what they are. If you are looking for an interesting costume this year Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head can fit that need. Below we will have a few suggestions as to how to create a Mr. Potato Head costume to help you be rather unique.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Brown pants and shirt

* Brown material or potato sack

* Fake glasses

* White gloves

* Red shoes

* Accessories


The fun thing about Mr. Potato Head is that you can exchange his arms for his nose, his ears for his eyes, and just mix and match other accessories you have with the toy. You will want to make this as much a part of your costume as you can. Sure you can’t change your own arms, but you could have pieces of accessories to change around. For example have two pairs of glasses or glass with and without a moustache.

Step 1: The first part of the costume will be the brown clothing to cover your arms and legs. Typically a potato doesn’t have arms and legs, but with Mr. Potato Head you do. Once the under garments are on then you can get the actual potato body. You can either create your own potato sack or find one. They used to sell them, so an antique store might have a few. The sack does have to be large enough to fit around your upper torso with a place for the arms, legs, and head to poke through.

Step 2: To be most inventive you can have Velcro or taped accessories to hook on to the potato body. This will allow for a more Mr. Potato Head style. You could even have an extra set of arms to move around. The accessories can also be anything you think of that can be applied to the toy.

Step 3: In this final step you just need to add white gloves and red shoes to the costume.

Remember the accessories you have can be used on the face or body. It just depends on what you want to do.

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