How to make a Monsters Inc costume?

Monsters Inc is one of the funnier movies by Disney to come out in the last several years. With its endearing qualities for children, Monsters Inc makes a great choice for any costume. If you are more inclined to make a costume then you will want to follow our steps in how to make a Monsters Inc costume.

##What will you need?##

* Green material

* Blue hard hat

* White material

* Blue material

* Brown material

* Sewing machine

* M sticker


Step 1: You can choose any monster from Monsters Inc to make your costume. To give you an idea of just one we will refer to Mike’s costume. Mike is a one eyed monster and Sully‘s friend. So to begin with Mike you need green material to form the main body of the costume. The costume should be round with a place for the large eyeball and also a wide mouth. The mouth will need the white material for the teeth. To create the eyeball you can use white material, blue, and also black in the center. In fact you can make the eyeball as large as you would like from the materials and use batting to make sure it has the rounded look.

Step 2: Also with the green material you will need to make Mike’s arms and feet. You can use the blue material for pants or pick up a pair of pants for the legs. The brown material for the costume will be Mike’s horns on the back side of the costume.

Step 3: Once you have the costume finished you just need to add the hard hat with the M sticker in the center. Your child or you will then be ready to go as a Monsters Inc character.

Keep in mind you have Sully and more Monsters Inc characters which means you just need to get the right face and material to create an Monster from the film.

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