How to make a monkey costume

Monkeys are furry delightful creatures for the most part. All though in some stories they have been seen as monsters. Since we normally make Halloween costumes for children we have decided to help you create a furry friend that will be the cutest.

## Things You’ll Need: ##

* Brown fleece or cotton material

* Tan fleece or cotton material

* Monkey pattern

* Banana or material to make a banana

* Face paint

## Instructions: ##

Step 1: There are hundreds of monkeys to choose from when creating a costume, but we went for the most popular of monkeys the brown with tan. You will need a pattern for the monkey costume to make sure you get the right amount of material and size it correctly. Normally most of the monkey is going to be the brown material with hands, feet, inner ear, and belly as the tan coloring. The pattern should also help you make a tail for the costume that you will sew on later.

Step 2: The monkey costume will need to have a hood, but you can leave the rest of the face uncovered if you wish. The hood should be to the forehead and have monkey ears. The hands and feet can be separate from the costume if you wish. By creating gloves and material to go over shoes you should have the hands and feet.

Step 3: Monkeys are known for eating bananas which can add an accessory to the costume. Your child can either carry one of these around all night or you can create a fake banana out of yellow and light yellow material.

Step 4: The monkey needs to have a face. In this case you can use the natural features and a little makeup to create a little fur, black nose, and the wide monkey grin.

By following these steps you should have a pretty cute monkey costume.

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