How to make a Modern Medusa Costume

One of the most fearsome femme fatales in all of ancient lore, Medusa is the Gorgon with a gaze who could turn people to stone and a head full of snakes for hair. Put an interesting, modern twist on this mythological figure with some clever tricks, some cool makeup, and a highly stylized, modern vinyl outfit.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Rubber or plastic snakes in varying sizes, no longer than 6 inches

* Bendable pipe cleaners in a color to match the shade of your hair

* Hairspray

* Fangs (glue-on fangs or classic, insertable fangs)

* Green makeup

* Gold loose shimmer powder

* Makeup sponges

* Black eyeliner pencil

* Black glitter eyeshadow (or any color of your chosing. Turquoise glitter eyeshadow works nicely, too!)

* Black vinyl catsuit or black vinyl one-shouldered top and vinyl skirt

* Black vinyl boots

* Fake nails in either black or dark green

##Putting together your Modern Medusa Costume##

Step 1: Get dressed in your costume with either a one-shouldered, Grecian inspired black or black vinyl top with a long, vinyl skirt… Or a black vinyl catsuit. However much coverage you choose determines just how much makeup you may want to apply to your face and body.

Step 2: Applying your makeup for this costume can be a lot of fun. You can apply as little or as much as you like to create your own unique look. Take your green cream makeup and spread it all over your face with your makeup sponge… OR, just confine the green to the edges of your face, giving yourself a snakelike appearance. If you choose to just add green makeup to the edges of your face and neck, swipe the makeup sponge into the hollows of your cheeks, underneath your eyes and the sides of your nose to define your features.

Step 3: You can draw “scales” with your black eyeliner pencil if you like, just scattering scaly areas in small clusters instead of having to cover your entire face. Smaller groups scattered randomly look better. Add a sprinkling of gold glitter powder for an irridescent “scale” effect.

Step 4: Line your lips with black eyeliner pencil and fill in with a little bit of the green cream makeup, dabbing a small bit of gold loose powder in the center of your lips for a sexy sheen. Line your eyes with black eyeliner, with an almost “catlike” effect, giving a tilted “snake woman” look.

Step 5: Add some green cream makeup to any exposed parts of skin not covered by your outfit for a realistic effect.

Step 6: Maybe even moreso than the makeup, Medusa‘s snake-like hair is the most important part of this. Take a long tendril of hair, maybe one inch to two inches wide and begin winding it around a pipe cleaner in a shade that matches your own. Wind it around like you would a velcro or sponge roller. Take your hair wound around the pipe cleaner and wind it around the snake, “posing it” so it looks like it’s “nested” in your hair and sticking up. Your hair and the pipe cleaner will anchor the snake. Repeat this process with at least 6 or 7 of your toy snakes. You don’t want too many snakes as it will be harder to get them out of your hair at the end of the night. You can even add longer snakes to hang down your hair rather than sticking straight up, projected from your head with the aid of the pipe cleaners, too!

Step 7: Put on a pair of spiked black vinyl boots and get ready to turn heads… And turn them to stone!

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