How to make a minnie mouse costume?

Like Mickey, Minnie was one of the first characters created by Walt Disney after he went into the cartooning business for himself. And, like Mickey, Minnie is usually one of the first characters children want to see when they visit one of the Disney theme parks.

Minnie acts as Mickey’s girlfriend (she may even be considered by some to be his wife.)

Minnie Mouse costumes are usually very popular at Halloween. Mothers in particular like to dress up their toddlers in them, although older children, teenagers, and even some adults may enjoy wearing the costume. It is very easy to make one, and you can possibly find the clothing and shoes, as well as other accessories, in a thrift store or secondhand shop.

Items Needed:

* A solid red dress or a red dress with white polka dots. The dress should not have a collar; rather it should have a v-neck, and should be short-sleeved. (You can always buy a collared dress, cut the collar off, and cut a scoop neckline in it.) The skirt of the dress should also be flared.

* White material, if you can’t find a red and white polka-dot dress. This can be an old t-shirt, man’s shirt, sheet”‚Äùanything you can use to cut out white polka dots.

* A black bodysuit, or black tights or leggings and a long-sleeved black t-shirt. Make sure the top of the t-shirt can be seen above the scoop neck of the dress.

* Fabric paint (white and black)

* Make-up in a very pinkish hue, blue eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara

* Accessories:

> red and white polka dot hair bow;

> white gloves;

> black pumps with a 1″¬ù to 2″¬ù heel;

> Mouse ears (if you don’t want to buy them, you can make them; I’ll give instructions for this.)


1. If you weren’t able to find a red-and-white polka dotted dress, take the white material and cut enough 2″¬ù circles to put on all parts of the dress and hair bow (if you were unable to find a red-and-white polka dotted one.) You can use safety pins or fabric glue to attach the polka dots.

2. You can also use white fabric paint to paint 2″¬ù circles on the dress. Put a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric so that the paint will not “_ìbleed through”¬ù.

3. If you had to cut off the collar and make a scoop neckline, and if the sleeves do not have cuffs, use Ǭ“¬ù strips of the white material to make a collar and cuff. Simply fold the material over the neckline and cuffs so that _Ǭº”¬ù shows on the outside, and use safety pins or glue to attach it.

4. If you did not buy mouse ears, they are easy to make. Simply take two black socks, and stuff them with paper or other socks. Stuff them lightly enough so that the ears will be flatter in shape (like paddles) rather than resembling round balls. Secure them at the bottom with rubber bands or stitch the bottom closed. Then, fasten them to a black headband. Leave enough room between the ears to position the hair bow and fasten it to the headband also. Use hot glue or fabric glue to secure them.

5. Use black fabric paint to draw three rectangles between the second and third, third and fourth, and fourth and fifth fingers from about 1″¬ù below the bottom of the glove fingers to the cuff of the gloves.

6. Slip on the black body suit, or leggings or tights and black long-sleeved t-shirt first, then put the dress on over that. Slip on the black pumps.

7. Use the make-up to give the wearer’s face a very rosy appearance, and use the blue eye shadow on the eyelids and brow bone. Darken the eyebrows (a lot) with the eyeliner, and use a lot of black mascara to make the eyelashes stand out.

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