How to make a Martin Luther King Jr. costume?

Martin Luther King Jr. is an important man in the U.S. history. This year, if you have a holiday costume party coming up or just any costume party you might consider dressing as Martin Luther King Jr. We have a couple of ideas below for you.

##Materials Needed:##

* Black suit with tie

* White dress shirt

* Black dress shoes


Step 1: Martin Luther King Jr. was most often seen in a black suit with white shirt. So you will either need to check out what is in your closet or go to the thrift store for a discounted suit. (that is of course if you are on a budget). You can also just go buy a suit at any clothing shop.

Step 2: The suit will need to be styled in the 60’s style. The tie should also be black.

Step 3: The socks you wear will need to be black.

Step 4: The shoes you choose should be polished to a nice shinny black, so that the entire costume offers respectability.

Once you find everything you need you will be ready to head out to your costume party.

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