How to make a Marie Antoinette costume

Marie Antoinette lived during the 1700’s, therefore any costume you make at home or purchase is going to reflect that time period. The costume is quite elaborate to make if you don’t have somewhere to borrow the gown style.

## Things You’ll Need:##

* White/ blonde wig in the Marie Antoinette style

* Ball Gown

* Fan

* Fake lashes

* Makeup

## Instructions: ##

Step 1: The most important aspect to the Marie Antoinette costume is having the correct ball gown. The gown should be patterned on the 1700’s during her life time. Normally in films you see the gown as white, but it can be any color you wish. It can also be as simple or complex as you would like it to be when making your own. Sometimes you can find discount ball gowns to use for the dress.

Step 2: The hair a white blonde wig was always worn. The wig sits atop the head with little ringlets coming down on the shoulders. These wigs can be bought at a discount costume store or if your hair is long enough you can have it styled in a similar way.

Step 3: This is the accessories stage. In the accessories stage you need to add the makeup and long fake lashes to give that aristocratic appearance. The fan is an accessory for the hand to appear stately.

Any type of shoes can be worn that match the dress. They should be comfortable for walking around in if you are going to be getting candy. For a dance or party high heeled shoes can be worn. The shoes should reflect the period of time as best you can. A cloak can be used as the coat for the evening to make sure you are warm and in period costume.

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