How to make a Maid Marion costume?

Maid Marion lived in medieval times according to most Hollywood depictions. So we will have a costume how to describing this dress over another style from around that period. The instructions and items needed will be listed below.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Medieval style dress or renaissance

* Veil

* Slippers


Step 1: You can either find a dress already created in the medieval style that you need or you can create one from scratch. There are several patterns available online or in stores. The material is of your choice, and the cheapest will be the cotton. With the medieval dress you have a lower collar in a square frame. The sleeves are normally bell shaped with the skirt down to the ankles. The skirt is usually flowing rather than tight to the thighs. The bodice will be tight in a corset fashion. Around the waist to complete the dress would be a belt or sash. Most of the medieval dresses are two colors, with the main material and a smattering of the second throughout the shirt and sleeves.

Step 2: Boots or slippers made of leather were worn during the medieval period. If you can find a slipper shoe that will give you the right style you can wear it. Your other option is to wear any shoe that is comfortable.

Step 3: In this final step you will add the veil. The veil was normally attached to a round hat or circular head band. It is up to you to choose what you would like.

Jewelry can be added to the costume in order to complete it, but it is unnecessary. The hair should be rather long and either in a braid or hanging loose as women in the earlier centuries never had short hair.

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