How to make a Madonna (Express Yourself /Blonde Ambition Tour) Costume

Nearly every girl who grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s wanted to be Madonna. Ever the pop chameleon, Madonna had continually re-invented herself. In the beginning of her career, Madonna’s signature look seemed to be borrowed from Marilyn Monroe, even copping her “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” routine for her “Material Girl” video. In the earliest phase of Madonna’s career, her signature look was the one seen in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” complete with a lace scarf tied into a bow in her hair and tons of beaded cross and rosary jewelry.

An unexpected, but no less important look in Madonna’s long line of reinventions was when Madonna became even edgier, channeling the gutsy, seductive androgyny of the likes of Marlene Dietrich with her menswear-and-lingerie combo in the video for “Express Yourself.” With this simple costuming How-To, you’ll learn how to “express yourself” Madonna style with a simple costume that you can get mileage out of later on!

#Things You’ll Need#

* Blonde Madonna wig or Marilyn wig

* Red lipstick

* Black eyeliner pencil (for drawing on a mole)

* Setting powder or pressed powder from a compact

* Gold eyeshadow

* Black liquid eyeliner

* Brown eyebrow pencil

* Black ladies business suit

* Black or white bustier with attached garters hanging over top.

* Crucifix or rosary bead necklace

* Monocle necklace

#Putting together your Madonna Costume#

Step 1: The key to this costume is a good wig. Madonna at this stage of her career borrowed a lot from Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich to get her signature look. Wigs modeled after either of these stars would serve as a great Madonna wig.

Step 2: Apply bright red lipstick. Madonna’s pale, ’40s movie star complexion was accentuated by bright red lips in the style of screen sirens.

Step 3: Above your top lip on the right-hand side, draw on Madonna’s signature mole with your black eyeliner. Dust over the mole with a little bit of setting powder or pressed powder to ensure it doesn’t smear.

Step 4: Apply a light bit of gold eyeshadow to your lids.

Step 5: Draw a thin line of liquid eyeliner on your upper lid from the inner corner to the outter corner for a dramatic effect and to acheive Madonna’s “heavy-lidded” look. Keep your eyes closed for a minute or so. Blinking may smear the liquid eyeliner (which is a challenge to apply to begin with)!

Step 6: Another facet of Madonna’s distinctive look from this period were sharply contrasting dark eyebrows against her blonde hair and pale complexion. Lightly feather your brown eyebrow powder over your eyebrows to create the desired effect.

Step 7: Put on your black or white corset or bustier. The garters will hang out over the top of your pants and dangle provocatively.

Step 8: Put on your black or black-pinstriped business suit over the corset.

Step 9: Put on your rosary bead necklace and dangle your monocle necklace from your neck, as well.

Choose your shoes wisely since you’ll probably dance up a storm a la Miss Madge and you’ll be “Expressing Yourself” in no time!

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