How to make a Madonna costume?

Madonna has typically been dressed in rather slutty outfits. However, throughout her entire career she has had several looks. You can choose any of her costumes to create your own. We are going to go for a more conservative appearance for a Madonna costume. Below are instructions and materials you will need.

##Things you will need:##

* Fish net stockings

* Halter top or bustier

* Mini skirt or mid thigh

* Ankle or knee high boots

* Blonde wig, teased

* Makeup


Step 1: We will start out at the hair and work our way down. The hair should be a blonde wig with 80’s style hair. It should be teased and full of hairspray. You can also go more conservative with a long braided wig.

Step 2: The face should be created in an 80’s style. It should be blue eye shadow, with red lipstick.

Step 3: The next part is really simple. You want to have a bustier or halter top as the shirt. On your arms you will need to take the old fishnet stockings and cut them into fingerless gloves.

Step 4: The skirt can be any color that matches the top. You can also have it at any length. You don’t want it too short if you are trying to avoid a slutty outfit.

Step 5: The shoes can be high heels, knee high boot, or even ankle boots. It may be up to what is in the closet for you.

You may also like to choose more accessories like a microphone set up or even a boom box to play Madonna music. Keep in mind this is just a few suggestions for a Madonna costume. You have several other ways to create your own costume.

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