How to make a Mad Hatter costume?

Costumes are a lot of fun to make whether you have the pieces you need in your closet or need to make them with needle and thread, and The Mad Hatter is no exception. He is one of the liveliest characters from Alice in Wonderland, and with the different hats and wacky outfit this costume is great for any costume party.

Below are the steps for create the costume and the items you will need. Secondhand shops and thrift stores are good places to look.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Green top hat

* White wig

* White dress shirt

* Green sweater vest

* Tweed jacket

* Green dress pants

* Brown shoes

* Cane

* Blue bow tie


Step 1: Put on the pants and dress shirt. Turn the collar on the shirt up so that it is around the neck. Tie the blue bow tie around the neck of the shirt.

Step 2: The sweater vest and coat will come next.

Once you have put on the main outfit you can start to accessorize.

Step 3: Put on the white wig. The hair should stray out from under the hat in a bit of a wacky style. Then the hat goes on top to hold the wig in place. You should also have a 10 percent sticker in the side of the hat. Step 5: You need to have a wooden cane to carry around with you as The Mad Hatter is a bit of an older gentleman.

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